2nd Annual Lennon Bermuda Peace Day Concert
PROGRAMME - September 21st, 2013


7.15 pm

Bda School of Music


8.00 pm

Jimmy Keys

Piano Intro/song

Arrive in a MINI with Drive my Car song playing

Introduces Wayne Furbert & Shawn Crockwell

The Glass Onion Band


8.10 pm

All you need is love


8.15 pm

Phil Morrison - Lucy in the Sky


8.21 pm

Robert Sai Emery - Imagine


8.25 pm

McCartney K - Grow Old with me


8.30 pm

Joy T Barnum - Mind Games


8.35 pm

K Gabrielle - I'm Losing You


8.40 pm

Rachel Brown - Watching the Wheels


8.45 pm

Uzimon - New York City


9.00 pm

Jimmy Keys

Acoustic Segment


9.10 pm

Chris Finsness - 1 song


9.15 pm

Michele Morfitt - 1 song


9.20 pm

Mike Hind - 1 song


9.25 pm

Rachel Brown - 3 songs


9.40 pm

Jimmy Keys


9.50 pm

SPLASHBAND - 45 minute set


10.35 pm

Jimmy Keys


10.45 pm

FAB FAUX - 90 minute show




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The 2nd annual Lennon Bermuda Peace day concert



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